Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Am A Soldier

I am a soldier
Always on active duty-
Always fighting.
I will never recieve a purple heart.
They will not play Taps
Nor will there be a 21 gun salute when I die.
I wear no uniform, no patch on my shoulder.
My dog tag doesn't list my name
It simply says Medic Alert.
If you pass me on the street you won't say
"look, there goes a soldier."
But I am a soldier.
The war I fight is a daily one.
Though I know it will not end,
Though I know I can not win-
I stand tall. I stand ready.
And I fight.
This war has no catchy name said with gusto.
It is not the stuff the history books are made of.
There will be no miniseries based from it.
It will not be known to children around the world.
But does that make it any less important?
Any less real?
No, quite the contrary.
This war is a very real war.
And I am a soldier on the front lines.
I carry no weapons, no material devices,
No means of protection.
What I carry with me is faith and belief in myself.
I carry determination so no matter how many times I am knocked down,
I know that I can and I will get back up.
This is not a just war.
It is not a fair war.
But that is the nature of the beast.
I know not when this war will end
Nor what devestation will be left in its wake.
But I shall not falter in my fight
For this war is my war.
A monster has arrived and I will stand and fight.
Fight against my body.
Fight against what is within me.
Fight for my future.
And fight is what I shall do.
If this disease wants a piece of me,
Let it come and get me.
I am standing tall and ready and I shall not back down.
I am a soldier.
(C) Jones2006